Michelle, Roy en de honden

We are an ambitious Flatcoated Retriever working & show kennel with the goal  to stay true to the “Dual Purpose” origin of the breed. We regularly show our dogs at shows and take them to field trials. We regularly train and guide if the new puppy owners want to show or work with the dogs, of course this is never a requirement when buying one. That dogs get a good home, with enough love, attention and medical care (when needed) is of highest priority. We do ask the people who buy our dogs to partake in the required medical studies when possible.

On the page “Out vision on breeding” you can read on the vision we pursue and what our points of attention or when breeding. We work together with the breeders club FRC and the “Raad van Beheer“.

Our kennel name “Dutch D’Votion” has been licensed on january 19 2010 by Raad van Beheer.


The kennel is situated in Eperheide with a quiet surrounding and forests where we can walk and train with our dogs.
Our dogs live both in home and in the kennel. We mostly have 3 dogs in our home and we rotate between kennel an home. The kennel is a building next to the house with an apartment above it.
Our dogs are regularly checked and groomed in our own grooming station. The grooming station is inside the kennel building.
Next to the grooming station is the puppy stay where we put our puppies when they are over 3,5 weeks old. The pups are born and raised inside our home. From 3,5 weeks onward they require more room and are placed in the kennel. The puppy room has underfloor heating and they can go outside to stretch their paws. The outside room is within our own garden which allows us to keep an eye on the puppies and keeps them from contacting unknown dogs. The puppies are often brought inside to socialize and do some bench-training.
The kennel building also houses 5 big kennel spaces in which the adults can lay or walk. There are 4 outside spaces with pebbles and behind that there is a large meadow. The dogs can use those from 08:00 to 21:30 without assistance. Of course we also take our dogs out for a walk several times per day.
We have 1,5 hectare of enclosed meadow around the house on which the dogs can play, run and romp. A large part of the ground is also equipped as training ground with amongst other things a small hill, a ditch, small and dense forests, wooded banks and large mowed fields alternating with higher growing grass. There is not a lot of water in our region, therefore we have created a pond in which the dogs can swim.
We almost always keep one or two dogs from each litter. We rely on our host families to give the dogs the necessary attention, care and love. We are very grateful to those families.

I started the training for ondernemer pension, asiel en kennel (Freely translated: entrepreneur pension, animal shelter and kennel) in 2014 for which I got my certificate in January 2015.

I give weekly hunting training and puppy training.

I also do show training in the city of Heerlen on request. Workshops in the area of hunting are also done on request basis and are both in Eperheide and on location for both home and abroad.

The workshops I have given:

–          2011 – Slovenia–   1 day hunting workshop

–          2012 – Slovenia-   2 days hunting workshop

–          2012 – Slovenia –  ½ a day hunting workshop


–          2012 – Germany – 1 day hunting workshop

–          Apr. 2013 – NL Heerlen – 1 day show workshop

–          Apr. 2013 – NL Epen – 1 day hunting workshop

–          July 2013 – Finland – 5 days hunting workshop for the 50 year anniversary of the Finnish Retriever club

–          Nov. 2013 – NL Heerlen – 1 day show workshop

–          Dec. 2013 – Finland – 2 days Field Trial workshop

–          Apr. 2014 – NL Heerlen – 1 day show workshop

–          Apr. 2014 – NL Epen – 1 day workshop for children

–          Apr. 2014 – NL Epen – 1 day hunting workshop

–          July 2014 – France – 1 day hunting workshop

–          March 2015 – NL Heerlen – 1 day show workshop

–          Apr 2015 – NL Meerlo / Venlo – 10 weeks hunting training

–         March 2016 – NL Epen –  1 day hunting workshop