Dutch D’Votion Born To Be The Best – “BB”

Showworkshop by Dutch D'Votion

Show and work results

Epreuve: TAN -A – B

Luxembourg Junior Champion
Belgium Junior Champion
In Holland he got 3 J.CAC’s and 1 CAC
Macedonia Champion 2013
Montenegro Champion 2013
Moldova Champion 2013
Cyprus Champion 2013
Sanmarino 2013

Health results

Black dog, born on 05-05-2012

ED 0/0
PL 0/1
Gonio Free
Eyes Free
Breeder/Owner Louisianne Schmit/Michelle Noteborn

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FTW Bjugel’s Djuelpisker Monty
HD: A/A – ED;0/0 – PL: 0/0 – Gonio:Free
FTA Flat Trial Wenja Fars Pisker
HD:A1 – ED:0/0
Friia Agnar Jack
HD:A1 – ED:0/0
Glencraig Diplomat
Friia Agnar Working Class Hero
Black Speed Wendy
HD:B – ED:0/0
Black Speed Jackie
Chirley’s Roce Djuel
HD:A2 – ED:0/0
Chirley’s Bell Esber FTCH Jiggers Tarka Casber
Jiggers An Bellami
Chirley’s Rose Breese FTCH Jiggers Tarka Casber
FTW Collyers Rose Mallow of Palgrave
FTA – Dark Devotion Reggae Romance
Slowakia Champion
HD:A/A – PL:0/0 – Gonio:Free
FTCH Trioaks Forever Zealous
Int IB & IE – FR – BE – LUX – DRC – VDH – SK Canada Champion
Top Trial Flatcoated’06’07’08’09- Junior Hunter / WCX
HD:C – ED:0/0 -PL:0/0 Gonio:Free
Blackrake Otello Of Collyers
HD:6/4 – Gonio:Free
Fenrivers Reedmace
FTW Moonlight Padarn
HD:8/8 – Gonio:Free
Aughnaleck Katy of Trioaks
HD:3/4 – Gonio:Free
Gunmakers Eriksay
Irvinstown Princess
FTA – Dark Devotion Gorgeous Gossip
HD:A – ED:0/0 – PL:0/0 – Gonio:Free
Dark Devotion Blue Bowie’s Boogie
HD:A- PL:0/0 – Gonio:Free
Wizardwood Tawny Tormentil
HD:C – PL:0/0
FTA Multi Champion Casuarina Aconcagua
HD:B – PL:1/1 – Gonio:Free
FTW – Multi Champion Beck of Chelborough
HD:B – PL:0/0 – Gonio:Free
Top Winning Trial Dog 2002
Blackrake Otello Of Collyers
HD:6/4 – Gonio:Free
Wave of Wimborne