Dark Devotion Nimble Naiad – “Nimble”

Dark Devotion Nimble Naiad - PortretfotoResults

F.T.Champion a la Françaises – 3 CACT’s – TRIALER ’09 – 4 R.CAC’s
Epreuve: TAN -A – B
France DUAL Champion’11
France Work Champion ’11
France Champion ’11
International IB Champion ’10
International IE Champion ’10
Slovak Champion ’10
German DRC Champion ’11
German VDH Champion’10
Luxembourg Champion ’09
German VDH Youth Champion ’09
European Youth Club Winner Hungary  ’08
Qualified COUPE DE FRANCE ’09/’10/’11

crufts logo Qualified for life

2 DRC J.CAC’s  – 3 VDH J.CAC’s  – 1 H.J.CAC  – 2 NL J.CAC  – 1 NL CAC  – 3 CACS  – 1 BE CAC  – 3 DRC CAC’s  – 6 VDH CAC  – 1 Neutrale CAC  – 2 CACL  – 5 CACIB  – 1 R.CACIB

13X BIS couples class at the Retriever Club Show, 1x BIS working class.

Health results

Black dog, date of birth 15-10-2007 

Patella 0/1
ED 0/0
Hips A Botafwijking: 0 – Norberg 28 – Aansluiting: Perfect
Gonioscopy Free
Breed/Owner Louisianne Schmit/Michelle Noteborn
DNA BBEE pure black

Nimble can be used for breeding


Rondix Yuan

HD:0/3 – Gonio:Free

Tarncourt Glance Tarncourt Escourt
Oceanid Of Tarncourt
Tarncourt Duly
Tarncourt Fantasia
FTW Wemdom Brightbond of Tarncourt
Tarncourt Ectasy

Rondix Mole

HD:2/4 – PL:0/0 – Gonio:Free

Rondix Humla
HD:3/4 – Gonio:Free
FTW Jet of Staverton
Rondix Dudu
Wheatmill Gabrielle of Rondix
HD:2/2 – Gonio:Free
FTA Claverdon Dandy
Shopnoller Sharon

FT CHMulti CH Aughnaleck Dutch D’Votion

Top Trial Flatcoated’06

HD:C/C – PL:0/0 – Gonio:Free

Dusky Dash of Shadowbrea
HD:5/6 – Gonio:Free
Blackrake Otello of Collyers
HD:6/4 – Gonio:Free
Fenrivers Reedmace
FTW Moonlight Padarn
Lilith Leaf
Misha of Puddington
Wemdom Barton Lass
Burrenreagh Sue
HD:4/3 – Gonio:Free
Beech Close Speckled Grouse Glencooley Black Knight
Gunstock Dark Shadow
Bell Heather of Heather Bank
FTW Wemdom Brightbond of Tarncourt
Gelhamson Tihicaca