Dutch D’Votion “I-Litter” expected may 6 2016

Our vision concerning breeding

In heat: February 22 2016
Expected birth date: 6 may 2016
Pups that are going to Dutch owners may leave the nest from 8 weeks onward, this will be from the second of july 2016.
Pups that are going outside the Netherlands have to stay at the breeder up to 16 weeks. They may leave from 27 august 2016.
Pups can stay longer to receive basic training if wanted after deliberation.


Diary for the Dutch D’votion “I”-litter


Dark Devotion Zimply Zweet Hip Zone “Zoey”
Date of birth; 17.08.2013, liver bitch
HD B, PL 0/0, ogen free
Epreuve B, retrievertest FRC
Multiple excellent show results


Just Add Water Dog River Blues “Sjors”
Date of Birth; 15.06.2010, black dog
HD A, PL 0/0, ogen free incl glaucoom
Retrievertest FRC, Hunting Certificate B
Multi show champion

Motivation for the combination: Zoey X Sjors

Zoey x Sjors. Zoey is a well built bitch with the correct size for the breed. She is a bit slender/fine/small and could use a bit more bone. I personally do not like very large Flat Coats, so we have searched for a dog which is a good match in health results, which is not too big but gives the correct mass. Taking all the criteria into consideration we chose Multi-show champion Sjors which is a bit “bigger” and brings more “bone”. We deliberately chose a black dog, we want to maintain the darker pigment from Zoey. Zoey is a very easy going and friendly and has completed the entry test(Epreuve B) for the field trials. She may prove herself later on in the year at the Field Trials in France. She works with a large will to please, which we’d like to maintain which matchers very good with the friendly and hard working Sjors.


CH Just Add Water Dog River Blues

HD:A – PL:0/0 – Gonio: Free

Ch. Wagging Tails Rolf Muntz

HD: A – PL: 0/0 – Gonio: Free

Ch. Serilde Qualcosadatenere

HD: B – PL: 0.0

Ch. Almanza Something To Talk About


Almanza Romantic Rose
JCh. Wagging Tails Pinhigh Ch. Branchalwood Ben Nevis
Ch. Jinks

Ch. Wagging Tails River Dee

HD: A – PL 0/0 – Gonio: Free

Ch. Flat Castle’s Olympic Torch

HD: A – ED: 0/0- PL: 0/0

Ch. Forgeway Park Royal

Wizardwood Tawny Tancred


JCh. Wagging Tails Fairway


Ch. Almanza Sa in I Vassen


Ch. Wagging Tails Wintertee


Dark Devotion Zimply Zweet Hip Zone

HD:B – PL 0/0

Trevorsilk Galaxy Starlit

HD:5/3 – PL:0/0 – Gonio: Free

SH CH Westbrook Cinnabar

HD: 3/3 – Gonio: Free

Waverton Toby Ale Of Varingo


Westerbrook Burhou

HD:1/2 – Gonio: Free

Trevorsilk Galaxy Velvet

HD: 5/3 – Gonio: Free

Wizardwood Tawny Wood


Roseberri Perfection of Trevorsilk


Multi CH Dark Devotion Hip Sweet Sensation

HD:A/A – ED:0/0 – PL:1/1 – Gonio:Free

FTCH Dark Devotion Hip Gorgeous Gleam

HD:A – ED:0/0 – PL:0/0 – Gonio:Free

Dark Devotion Blue Bowie`s Boogie

HD:A – PL 0/0 – Gonio: Free

FTW Multi Champion Beck of Chelborough

HD: B – PL: 0/0 – Gonio: Free

FTA Dark Devotion Hip Heaven Huntress

HD A – PL 0/0 – Gonio: Free

Hawksthorn Caliph

HD:A – ED: 0/0 –  PL 0/0 – Gonio: Free

FTW Multi Champion Beck of Chelborough

HD:B – PL: 0/0 – Gonio: Free

Breeders wish from Carola and Kelvin

Dark Devotion Zimply Zweet Hip Zone “Zoey” is bred by us, but usually lives in Nijmegen with Kelvin and Carola. Vroegop They bought Zoey as a pup and have afterwards been infected with the “flatcoat virus”. From weekly puppy training they went on to the field trials training with great enthusiasm. Kelvin works with Zoey and they form a great team. Zoey has gained the entry into the Field Trials by receiving the Epreuve B and are hoping to attend Field Trials from 2016 onward. Carola followed Showtraining with Zoey and has had several successes with showing her. Their enthusiasm grew each day and a wish for breeding arises.

They both did their homeworking concerning the breeding rules and the pedigrees but lack in experience. Carola requested and received the kennel name “Dark Passion”, and Kelvin created a website for my and his wife. They are well on their way as starting breeders. Carola and Kelvin were closely involved with my previous litters to gain experience for their future plans. They attended deliveries and have seen the litters grow each week.

Sadly, they do not have the space and room to responsibly start breeding even while their wish for a litter with Zoey was very large. I, as breeder, am very glad and touched to see such passion and enthusiasm. I am very proud and wanted to help them achieve their dream of the first litter with Zoey.

Zoey  is almost a child at home. She’s here every week, which eliminates the stressful experience of a strange place. Carola and Kelvin will be closely involved with the litter, but the final responsibility will be for me. That is also the reason that it will be done with my kennel name, “Dutch D’votion”.